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Hiring new employees? Save a tree: Direct them to online benefits enrollment tool

Give your printer and the environment a much-needed break during the new employee onboarding process by asking your new hires to enroll in benefits online.

CU's online benefits enrollment tool, launched in spring 2014, allows new employees to elect their medical, dental, vision and other benefits through the employee portal at rather than filling out and submitting a paper form. This also is the tool all CU employees will use during the university's annual spring Open Enrollment, when they're able to select new health benefits or re-elect their existing ones.

See instructions for getting new employees access to the employee portal to use this tool. Once they have access to the system, employees can access the benefits enrollment tool within the CU Resources section of the portal by selecting "Payroll & Compensation" then "Benefits Enrollment."

When employees MUST use benefits enrollment forms

If an employee experiences a qualifying life event (e.g., marriage; birth of a child; gain in other group coverage; etc.), that person may make changes to his/her benefits outside the normal Open Enrollment cycle ONLY by completing and submitting a paper Benefits Enrollment Change Form to Employee Services. This form must be completed and sent to Employee Services within 31 days of the event taking place.

Be on the lookout for Employee Services to add qualifying events to online enrollment within the next year.

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