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Hiring international employees this fall? Direct them to CU’s international tax specialists

Help keep CU in compliance with federal tax law by directing new international employees to meet with the university's international tax specialists.

All new CU international employees (including students, faculty members and researchers) must meet with one of Employee Services' international tax specialists to determine and document their U.S. tax status.

Many international employees are restricted in how they complete Form W-4—used to determine how much income tax CU should withhold from an employee's pay—so you should never ask a new international employee to fill out this form. Instead, they should complete their W-4 only after consulting with an international tax specialist.

Other new hire tips

Hiring managers must verify international employees' U.S. employment eligibility by contacting those who manage Form I-9 processing on each campus.

Appointments fill fast

As you're hiring new employees in preparation for the fall 2016 semester, encourage them to schedule an international tax appointment as soon as possible. These appointments fill fast, so it's not always possible for international employees to meet with these specialists before they receive their first pay. This does not affect their ability to work at CU. In fact, Employee Services may retroactively adjust these employees' pay to ensure it is taxed correctly.

For their appointments, international employees should:

  • bring their passports and I-94 immigration documents.
  • prepare to review their entire history of presence in the United States, including previous visits in different immigration statuses.

International employees do not need to have a Social Security number for these appointments.

For more information, check out Employee Services' international employee webpage.

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