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HireRight outage affecting users’ ability to connect to the system, E-Verify also experiencing outage

HireRight is experiencing an issue where users are unable to connect to the system. Fixing this issue is our top priority and we are currently working on finding a resolution.

Additionally, E-Verify has notified HireRight that they are experiencing an outage. This will affect users’ ability to order E-Verify requests until the problem is resolved. All pending and ordered items during this outage will be queued and automatically retried when the connection is restored.

An update will be sent when these issues have been resolved.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.


Betsy Pike

Thank you for the notification! Will the HireRight transactions be queued and retried as well once the system is back up adn running, or is that only for E-Verify?

Employee Services

Hi Betsy,
If you were able to complete and save Section 2 of the I-9, that would automatically trigger E-Verify which would then be retired. If you were in the middle of completing an I-9 transaction and the system went down not allowing you to complete and save, these transactions will need to be re-done (please be sure to check and confirm before doing so). 
If you have any additional questions please let us know.

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