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Here’s how to ensure you receive correct W-2s this tax season

Year-end is just around the corner. It’s time for employees to begin reviewing their paystubs and withholdings, and if incorrect, making adjustments to their W-4s. Completing these tasks and making needed adjustments on time helps ensure you receive an error–free W-2 form in time for tax season.

Failing to do so could result in excess taxes withheld or owing taxes and/or delay in receiving tax forms.

Click here to learn how to review your paystubs and withholdings, or follow the steps below to update your W-4:

  1. Log into your employee portal.
  2. Select the CU Resources tab. (CU System employees skip this step.)
  3. At the top center of the screen, open the CU Resources Home dropdown menu, then select My Info and Pay.
  4. Click the W-4 tile. You’ll be prompted to verify your identity before you can access this information.

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