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Help make employee data accurate for the 2016 tax season

More than 15,000 employees confirmed and/or updated their personal information within the portal in preparation for the 2015 tax season, and we think we can beat that record—with your help, of course.

Each year, Employee Services urges employees to update their names and mailing addresses within the portal to ensure we send accurate W-2 tax forms to the correct addresses. Thanks in part to you, our HCM Community members, we reach thousands of employees via reminders. But every tax season, some employees inevitably fail to update their data, meaning tax documents can get lost in the mail and taxes may get filed late.

Help us beat last year's record by asking employees to:

  1. Log in to the portal at, and access the CU Resources tab
  2. Review the mailing address on file in your Employee Profile (available within the My Info and Pay menu).
  3. If you changed your name in 2015, be sure to cross-check the name on your Social Security card against the one on electronic pay stubs within the portal (the Pay Advice button within the My Info and Pay menu).

Note: While employees can update their mailing addresses within the portal, they must contact you to make changes to their names.


  • Jan. 1
    If you stopped contributing to taxes because you reached the annual taxable limit at any time in 2015, you'll begin re-contributing on this date.
  • Jan. 4
    Confirm and/or update your name and mailing address within the employee portal.
  • Jan. 31*
    Employee Services will mail your W-2 Form to the mailing address on file within the employee portal. (*Note that because Jan. 31 falls on a Sunday, some forms could arrive on Monday, Feb. 1.)
  • Feb. 10
    Reissued W-2 forms will be available by request.
  • Feb. 15
    If you filed as exempt from taxes in 2015, you must re-file for tax-exempt status.
  • March 15
    The 1042-S tax form will be mailed to international employees.

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