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HCM Work Stream Update for December 2016

Over the past month, Elevate work stream teams have made progress to establish and finalize design requirements for the 2017 systems redesign and development.

HR/GL Update

Last month: The HR/GL work stream team worked to complete requirements gathering for the redesign and development of Payroll Expense Transfers (PETs) and Department Budget Tables. The team is working to finalize the design requirements for Phase 2 work.

Work continues to correct overstated encumbrances for employees on contract pay. Please see our blog for details.  We will provide additional updates as they are available.

This month: The HR/GL work stream team will enter the design phase. At this time, the team plans to develop prototypes for users to review. In the coming month, they hope to provide details on how users can access these prototypes. When prepared, details on these prototypes and how to access them will be reported in the HCM Community blog and newsletter.

See the HR/GL issues list.

HCM Design Workshops Completed

On Nov. 30, the final HCM Design Workshop was held. In these all-day sessions, held each Monday and Wednesday since Oct. 17, participants from all CU campuses and CU system met to capture future-state business process and system design requirements without SmartERP.

From these workshops, documentation was created and distributed to all campuses and the system office for review and feedback to ensure that the requirements were captured accurately.

The following HCM processes were reviewed and received campus sign-off.

HCM.01 – Establish Position
HCM.02 – Modify Position
HCM.03 – Non-Person Profile (NPP)
HCM.04 – Hire/Rehire
HCM.05 - Person of Interest (POI)
HCM.06 – Contract Pay
HCM.07 – Recurring and One-Time Payment
HCM.08 – Job Data Changes/Transfers
HCM.09 – Leaves
HCM.10 - Termination

The HCM team has begun fit/gap analysis against delivered system functionality to prioritize what aligns and what’s missing for all captured requirements. The next step is to conduct Fit/Gap sessions to discuss findings with campus stakeholders to finalize solution options. More information will be coming regarding these sessions.

See the HCM issues list.


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