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HCM tips: Personalize your dashboard homepage and navigate HCM with multiple windows

Dashboards are part of the changes taking place in Wave Three. Learn how to personalize your dashboard homepage by following the steps below.

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  1. Begin by accessing the portal. Select the NavBar > CU Resources > Business Tools and HCM

Access HCM

You will be taken to your dashboard homepage. By default, this page is set to Employee Self Service.


Employee Self Service

  1. To set your dahsboard to the HCM Community dashboard, select the Actions List then select Personalize Homepage from the drop-down menu.

Employee Self Service Drop Down Menu

  1. To adjust your dashboard, you will need to click on one of the options in the left-hand menu. Currently, the Employee Self Service option is highlighted green and placed at the top of the list signifying this option is selected.

Personalize Homepage Employee Self Service

  1. To change this selection, click on the HCM Community Users option so it is highlighted green. Then, drag and drop it to the top of the list as seen below:

Personalize Homepage

Helpful tip: Ensure the item you moved to the top of your list is highlighted green by clicking on it after dragging and dropping it.

  1. Click Save. You will be redirected to the dashboard homepage, where you should see your preferences updated:

HCM Community Users Homepage

Ready to complete HCM tasks?

Need to access different pages in HCM at the same time? Here’s the easiest way to accomplish completing your HCM tasks simultaneously. In this example, let’s start by accessing the HCM Community Users dashboard and selecting Non-Pay Actions:

HCM Community Users

This will take you to the CU Non-Pay Actions page in a new tab. Here, a menu on the left-hand side of the screen holds all of your HCM actions. You can toggle through them to access different pages without being redirected.

Helpful tip: If you would like to open multiple windows, go back to the HCM Community Users dashboard and select the appropriate tile, this will open a new tab each time, while retaining navigation.  Note: Using the new window link is still an option, however, this will not retain the sidebar information. 

CU Non-Pay Actions

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