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HCM tips: Need to change your HCM preferences? We can show you how.

If you need to adjust your preferences in HCM, there are two ways to do it: Through the classic menu or the Actions List. From the My Preferences page, you can turn on accessibility features, personalize HCM features and more.

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Use the classic menu

To use the classic menu, follow these steps:

1. Sign into the portal
2. Select CU Resources > Business Tools > HCM

Access HCM with NavBar

3. Select My Preferences from the classic menu

HCM My Preferences

Use the Actions List

To use the Actions List, follow the steps below:

1. Sign into the portal and access HCM
2. Select the Actions List and My Preferences (this option is not available in the drop down menu if you are not on an HCM page)

HCM My Preferences Menu

Adjust your settings

Once you are on the My Preferences page, you will be able to adjust to following settings:

  • General options
  • Regional settings
  • System and application messages settings
  • Navigation personalizations
  • Advanced settings

HCM Settings

A few preferences of note:

  • In the General Options menu, the Accessibility Features menu let users enable features designed for visually impaired users or users employing screen readers, allowing users to better navigate and use the system.
  • In the Navigation Personalize messages, users can set preferences such as enabling new window popups and tabbing through the system.

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