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HCM Tip: How to release, update a transfer

We’ve heard from HCM users that two aspects of using the ePAR Transfer Page are a little tricky. This blog will help you navigate those areas.

Whether to another department or to another campus, a transfer affects two departments. That’s why this process involves multiple stages and roles.

Generally, it goes like this:

  1. A department user initiates a request to transfer the employee.
  2. The current department reviews transaction and releases the employee to the new department.
  3. The initiator updates the transaction with position information and submits it for final workflow approval.

Let’s look at ways to ensure your transfers go smoothly. Follow along with our Transferring an Employee step-by-step guide.

Transfer Release – Approving the Transfer Request

Once the transfer is requested, the approver receives an email notification.

When approvers try to retrieve or view request, they often miss a step: Under ePAR details, remember to change the dropdown to ePAR Transfer Initiated. You’ll find it in the highlighted area below:

Screenshot of ePAR Transfer page with with View Name dropdown menu highlighted.

From there, click the Request ID link to open the transfer for review.

Want the full walkthrough? Full instructions on approving a transfer request start on Page 5 of the step-by-step guide.

Create ePAR Transfer Update

Once the transfer has been approved by the reviewers and the employee is released, the initiator will update the transaction to include position data.

On the final step of this process, Saving and Submitting the Transfer for Workflow Approval, only click Submit once. Then wait for the transaction to process – it could take a few seconds. Do not push the Submit button twice or it will cancel the entire process.

Full instructions on transfer updates start on Page 9 of the step-by-step guide.

Need help?

Visit our Transfer Employees webpage for full resources and guides. You can also contract or 303-860-4200, option 2 for assistance.

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