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HCM Review & Reports Workshops round out series, Sept. 17-30

By now you’ve learned a lot about HCM and how it will improve your workday. Round out your skills with a primer on running reviews and reports at the sixth and final HCM Campus Workshop, available on each campus and the CU System from Sept. 17-30.  

What you’ll learn

First, we’ll show you how WorkCenters give you quicker access to queries and reports with easy-to-navigate tabs and lists of frequently-used links.

Next, we’ll review reporting function improvements for CU Careers and HCM. In CU Careers, you’ll find an easier way to access candidate and requisition data, which can be exported into several different file types.

We’ll also introduce a few tools you can use in HCM. Cognos pulls data from HCM, the Central Information Warehouse and Finance to give you snapshots of data trends over time. Certain HCM users will have access to PeopleSoft Reports, which uses complex logic to generate dozens of built-in and configured reports. The third tool, PS Query, allows you to easily find existing queries or build your own, while the new “drilldown” functionality lets you access deeper levels of data at the click of your mouse.

These tools will make reports more robust and easier to run. To get a sense of how they work, demonstrations will walk you through some common reports and queries in CU Careers and HCM.

Structured and Open Labs coming soon!

We know you’re eager to get your hands on the system. After HCM Workshops end, we’ll host in-person Structured Lab sessions that walk you through common HCM scenarios. Stay tuned for Structured Labs registration details! Coinciding with go-live, Open Labs will let you explore the system at your own pace and get tips from subject-matter experts.

There’s still time to register for HCM Workshops

There are some open spots for Paying People and Review & Reports workshops. To register, check availability on your campus at and follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to
  2. On the right-hand menu, click Training
  3. Click Start SkillSoft
  4. Click Catalog
  5. Click CU Instructor Led Training (the second folder in the list)
  6. Click Elevate: HCM Campus Workshops
  7. There are six training topics. Click on the topic you’d like to attend.
  8. Click on the small calendar icon in the left corner of the window. It will open a table that displays the dates, times, and locations of the workshops.
  9. Once you’ve found a session that works for your schedule, click Enroll on the furthest column to the right. You’ll be emailed an enrollment confirmation, which you can link to your Outlook calendar.

HCM Overview now available online

We’ve published an online version of the HCM Overview Workshop on SkillSoft, our learning management system. This course is a prerequisite for HCM Transactions and Paying People workshops. To access the virtual HCM Overview Workshop, follow the steps 1-4 above, then: 

  1. Click University of Colorado - Courses.
  2. Click your campus folder.
  3. Select the HCM folder.
  4. Select the CU: HCM Overview Workshop and click [Launch].


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