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HCM fixes for April 4-8

System fixes for April 4-8

My Leave

  1. An Outlook attachment will now be available through My Leave exception time requests. 
  2. Time sheets no longer generate a Bad Code error for OT or Comp Time.  
  3. The Prior Month column in My Leave was reporting two months behind, which affected the ending and useable balances. My Leave now correctly reports the Prior Month one month behind to match our payroll process of exception time.
  4. We've implemented a fix for extra hours populating on the 1st and 31st of the month when non-exempt employees used the Add Time button.

CU Time

CU Time CSV uploads no longer require company or paygroup. 

Transaction Pages

  1. The Surviving Spouse indicator in existing positions now updates in HCM from transaction pages. 

  2. We fixed the "Cannot enter an Earnings Amount which does noes not approach the goal amount" error in the Recurring Pay transaction page.

  3. You are now allowed to inactivate positions.

  4. For positions to feed to CU Careers, there must be an active person (i.e., not vacant or blank) in the Reports To field.

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