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HCM daily update: See seven major fixes we've implemented.

We've made great progress within the last 24 hours toward fixing the root causes of errors, getting employees paid and implementing solutions to problems you've reported. Here's a rundown of what we've accomplished:

What we've fixed

  1. To ensure CU Time picks up and processes all entered transactions, all previous rows have been reviewed and processed. About 200 transactions were paid over the weekend.
  2. All payroll expense transfers that were stuck in the HCM Help queue were either approved or reassigned to someone on the appropriate campus for processing. 
  3. Transaction pages used to transfer an employee have been updated so that they no longer take users through Non-Person Profile data.
  4. We've fixed a transaction page error that caused the incorrect percentage of time to appear and restricted users from updating it. The percentage now correctly defaults from the position.
  5. Only approved positions will migrate to Taleo.  
  6. The off-cycle payroll has been corrected. It now picks up and processes any approved transactions from prior pay periods.
  7. Employees now have the ability to cancel/resubmit timesheets in My Leave. 

Remember: You may now run your payroll registers to review the biweekly pay that will be issued on Friday, Jan. 15. 

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