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HCM Daily Update: January payroll completed, note updates to payroll registers

We completed January's monthly payroll yesterday and will run biweekly payroll today.

You may now run payroll registers for monthly payroll; however, the query may provide more information than usual.

To limit data to a single department, enter the Department ID. You'll then need to run separate registers and recombine the data in an Excel or CSV file if you'd like to see information for more than one department.

We appreciate your flexibility and will find a long-term solution to make this process more convenient.

In progress: Contract pay

We are currently implementing a fix for contract reappointments and will share more information by the end of the week.

What we fixed

  • We migrated a Work-Study split fix.
  • PETs now feed to Finance.

What's next?

HCM Community meetings continue this week. Attend one of the remaining meetings:

  • UCCS
    10 a.m.-noon Wednesday, Jan. 27
    Room 122, University Center
  • CU-Boulder
    9-11 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 28
    Ice Overlook Large Meeting Room, Recreation Center
  • CU System
    1:30-3:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 29
    Room 100, 1800 Grant St.

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