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Group terminations save you transactions and time

We’ve refined the Group Terminations transaction page so you can terminate multiple employee records at once. To learn how to enter group terminations and review the change in job data, please review this new step-by-step guide.

Group terminations are especially useful when eliminating units or departments, allowing you to make one termination instead of dozens. To help you collect the correct records, we’ve also built two new queries:

CUES_HCM_END_APPOINT_CONTRACT identifies records that should be terminated, and

CUES_PAY_GROUP_TERMINATION identifies records that contain future-dated rows. Please remove these records from the Selected for Group Transaction table before processing. If these records are included in the table, the group termination transaction will err out, and you will need to process the transaction again.

You can find the queries here: Main Menu> CU HCM User WorkCenter> Resources> Query Manager. For a refresher on accessing and running queries, check out this step-by-step guide and webinar recording.

We hope you find this transaction useful. You can find the guide in the Group Terminations web page or the master resources guide.  

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