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Go green: Complete W-4 forms online

Help CU be more eco-friendly—and a lot more efficient—by directing your employees to the portal to make their W-4 Form selections instead of using a paper form.

Completing or updating the form online is simple; employees can log in to the portal, and select the "Payroll and Compensation" tab in the left-hand menu, followed by the "W-4" tab. Users can follow the on-screen instructions to make their selections.

Please note: International employees should contact an international tax specialist for any changes to their W-4 forms to avoid withholding too few taxes and, in turn, owing the IRS when they file tax returns. International employees can schedule an online appointment with an international tax specialist through the portal using the steps above, or for questions, they may contact Kendra Zafiratos (for last names beginning with A-L), or Alicia Dandeneau (for last names beginning with M-Z).

By largely eliminating the use of paper W-4 forms, we hope to make it easier for employees to provide critical information, decrease W-4 processing times and reduce waste.


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