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Getting access to HR system is a snap with automatic online process

Starting May 1, CU will streamline the process of accessing the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), which in November will be upgraded to become the Human Capital Management (HCM) system. Instead of using PDF forms, system users will be able to request access through a new automated system.

Benefits of the new system:

  • There’s an easy submission process for employee onboarding and additional requests. Users will be able to submit access requests online and choose the correct access level from a catalog of roles.
  • The automated approval process will route requests to appropriate staff for signatures and will check if required training is complete. This means those requesting access won’t have need to track down signatures for PDF electronic routing.
  • Users will be able to check the status of requests online.

Beginning May 1, you can visit the Access Request Information and Forms page for details on using the new online system.

Manager and employee training will be coming soon! Watch the employee portal for additional information.

Access requests for the Elevate project and Elevate applications will be available when this project goes live in November 2015.


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