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Five reasons to attend Employee Services' Fall Financial Expos

We're bringing a set of financial-themed expos to your campus/office this October, and we hope to see you and your teams there.

Why attend an Expo?

Here are five reasons we think attending an expo (10 – 2 p.m., with talks from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Oct. 20 - 27) will be a valuable use of CU employees' time:

Start learning and winning

Get in the money mindset starting Wednesday, Oct. 1, when we launch the "Square up Your Savings" quiz from TIAA-CREF and Employee Services.

This 10-part, online quiz tests your knowledge of CU retirement plans, the effects of inflation, the cost of living across the United States and many more useful topics. For each of the 10 sessions you complete, you’ll earn a digital square that you’ll be prompted to place on an online map that contains 50 hidden prizes. If your square is placed atop one of these prizes, you’ll win a $50 gift check from TIAA-CREF.

Check your email next week for more information and a link to the quiz.
  1. Take full advantage of the features built in to your retirement savings plan.
    What better way to provide clear answers about the frequently overlooked or misunderstood components of your retirement plan than by getting in one room with plan representatives and benefits professionals? We’ll have information about the voluntary retirement savings plans in which you can enroll to save more than the annual limit your retirement account may allow.
  2. De-stress.
    Research consistently links financial stress to absenteeism and other work-related issues. That’s one of several reasons we’re using the fall expos to help CU employees speak openly about top money matters and give them a forum to speak with the financial experts who can guide them. The Dollars & Sense Market—the open centerpiece of each Expo—gives attendees the opportunity to pick up helpful documents and speak with the many on-site representatives from Employee Services, CU’s retirement investment partners, campus programs and credit union partners.
  3. Learn how to prepare for retirement.
    If you're within three years of retiring, you can choose from four talks focused on helping you transition to post-career life and how your specific plan (CU’s 401(a) or PERA) can get you there. There will be plenty of helpful information for soon-to-be-retirees in the Dollars & Sense Market, too.
  4. Learn about more than retirement planning.
    This event is for every CU employee, which is why we’re offering a second set of sessions—Money Talks—dedicated to the topics that affect so many of us. Learn about managing student loan debt, tactics for boosting or maintaining your credit score and the basics of your retirement savings plan. And when you’re not attending a talk, drop by the Dollars & Sense Market to get more of your questions answered.
  5. Win.
    At each campus event, we’re holding a drawing for an iPad. The more activities you take advantage of—talks, booth discussions, proactive steps for future financial stability/success—the more times you’ll be entered to win.

Check out for more information and to register.

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