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Final salary increases available in HRMS by Aug. 4

Employee Services will upload the final batch of salary increases, for faculty on 9-month pay schedules, by Monday, August 4.

Help make this process seamless by:

  • double-checking salary amounts for academic-year faculty within the HRMS.
  • speaking with your new academic-year faculty members to confirm that they have correctly selected their compensation payment preference (paid over 9 or 12 months). The default payment is over 9 months.
  • reminding employees to update their addresses and emergency contacts through the “Personal Information” tab in the employee portal (
  • informing employees of when they will receive their first paychecks.
  • requesting original, completed W-4 and direct deposit forms from new employees, those returning from a break in service and rehired employees.
  • providing new employees with these helpful links:

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