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Final pay, hand-drawn check, pay corrections processes change Jan. 1


In last month’s Pay Roles, we detailed changes to payroll corrections, hand-drawn checks, and final pay effective Jan. 1. Here is that information for you to review:

Employee payment errors

When errors are made on the processing of payroll, they will be corrected on the next scheduled pay date.

If an error is detected in time, the correction may occur on a special payroll run.  Please Note:  Paperwork must be received by Employee Services by noon Tuesday, for payment by direct deposit on Friday.

Hand-drawn checks

Hand-drawn checks will only be issued outside of the regular processing times:

  • When an employee is involuntarily terminated.
  • When there are overpayments on an employee’s final paycheck in cases of voluntary termination.
  • For employee settlement payments.
  • For errors that result in an employee being underpaid by 20 percent or more of their regular gross pay.
  • For errors that result in an employee being overpaid by more than 20 percent of their regular gross pay.
  • If Employee Services receives an approved hand-drawn  request  from  campus leadership for extreme hardships or extenuating circumstances. Each campus will determine the approval process.
Final Pay

Voluntary termination:  Final pay must be calculated and paid through regular processing means (time collection) on the final pay date or on the next scheduled pay date, including calculation and payment of any vacation, sick or compensatory time owed to employee. 

Involuntary termination:  Final pay must be calculated and payment requested by using the approved hand-drawn process  within 24 hours of termination.

Benefit and other deductions:  The proper benefit and other deductions will be withheld as required.

If you need assistance or have any questions, contact Employee Services at 303-860-4200, option 2, or via email to If you are not sure how to process a payroll item, please reach out to this group for assistance; we are committed to help guide you through these changes.


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