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ePerformance: A new way to review staff and advance your career

Starting in January 2016, supervisors will have a new tool to track and evaluate employee performance, and employees will have a platform to help advance their careers.

With ePerformance, the Elevate project’s new performance evaluation tool, supervisors can see a historical view of each employee’s performance and skill sets required for their position.

Employees can see this information and determine areas to focus on to build their skills and qualifications. This ultimately helps employees advance their careers into the positions they want.

“ePerformance lays the foundation of a transparent performance management process here at CU,” said Lisa Landis, associate vice president and chief human resources officer, Employee Services. “Technology is not intended to replace interaction between employees and supervisors but to assist and prompt in the continuous dialog.”

What are the benefits of ePerformance?

Go green by using less paper

Currently, classified staff performance evaluations rely on printed materials. Landis notes that these evaluations can be 11 pages or more and in some cases three copies are made, meaning 33 pages are printed for each employee review. Multiply that by 2,500 classified staff employees. That’s eliminating 27,500 pieces of paper. This new system will cut out all that paper usage and save money.

One-stop shopping for evaluations

With ePerformance, everything is there. From job descriptions to competencies, all this information for employees and supervisors can be found in one place in a user-friendly format.

Employees can assess their skills

Every employee can easily access this information, so they know what skills they need to improve and will be able to better help set goals for the coming year.

ePeformance can drive career advancement

Because employees can see their core competencies, they can identify the skills they need to qualify for the next position they want and advance their careers.

Paired with Skillsoft courses available from Employee Learning and Development and other professional development opportunities available on the campuses, ePerformance gives employees access to a variety of courses and trainings that may help them to work toward the jobs they want and the skills necessary to get them.

Stay tuned for more details on ePerformance.

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