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Entering Spring sabbaticals? Review important reminders for paid, unpaid leave before adjusting contracts

Are you adjusting contracts for professors taking spring sabbatical leave? Before you begin, brush up on these reminders for paid and unpaid leave:

Unpaid leave

  1. Complete a pay rate change reflecting half of the 100 percent academic year salary that was to be paid in the fall.  If unpaid leave starts Jan. 1, 2018, then the effective date for the pay rate change is Dec. 1, 2017.
  2. If Jan. 1, 2018 is chosen as the unpaid leave effective date, the remaining two weeks of salary owed from the contract can be processed in an off-cycle payroll.
  3. If a different date in January is chosen as the unpaid leave effective date, the pay rate change reflecting the fall semester salary must be in the system and effective dated Jan. 1, 2018. To change the contract end date to the day before the sabbatical leave of absence, contact your HR department or Employee Services (
  4. If the contract is adjusted for a 9-pay-12 professor, remember to return them from unpaid leave by June 1, 2018 so their ENP accrual account pays out over the summer.

Paid leave

For paid leave of absences, contract pay rate changes must reflect a combination of fall semester salary and changes made to the spring semester salary. An example of completing a 50 percent paid leave calculation can be seen in the steps below:

  1. The academic year begins at 100 percent salary. To calculate each semester’s worth, $100,000 is divided by two ($100,000/2) making each semester worth $50,000.
  2. One half ($50,000) will be allocated to the fall semester salary and the other half to the spring semester salary.
  3. The $50,000 in the spring term is then multiplied by the reduced percentage of that semester.. In this example it is 50 percent, making the spring semester salary $25,000.
  4. Next, the two totals are added together ($50,000 + $25,000) to get a total academic year salary of $75,000. This amount should then be entered into the pay rate change.

To place a professor on sabbatical leave, please refer to this step-by-step guide. For questions regarding other pay rate changes that may occur during the semester, click here.

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