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Ensure contract pay rate changes are completed correctly and in time for payroll

If you are making a pay rate change to contracts, remember:

  • Pay rate changes must be effective dated the first day of the next payroll. This date is currently Nov. 1, 2017.
  • Always maintain the No Proration of Change Amount button.
  • The first day of the following payroll is when payroll processing begins.
  • Backdating contracts does not update projected pay on the Contract Payment Details page. This results in incorrect paychecks for employees.

Tips for correctly paying out Earnings Not Paid (ENP) for early terminations this December

Complete these steps to end contracts early and pay out ENPs for 9-pay-12 contract appointments:

  1. Complete a pay rate change to reflect the new contract worth based on the early termination (usually half of the academic year compensation to reflect pay for fall semester). Remember, the pay rate changes must be the first day of the next paying month. 
  2. Contact your campus HR office to make corrections to all contract end dates. The payment end date must be Dec. 31, 2017.
  3. After December payroll is confirmed, the ENP owed should be entered into an off-cycle payroll. December payroll must be confirmed to retrieve the correct ENP amount (the ENP amount owed can be found on the Contract Payment Details page).

For 9-pay-9 contracts: If the pay rates have been changed and changes to contract end dates have been completed before December payroll processing begins, the ENP will pay out in the December paychecks of employees on 9-pay-9 contracts.

Questions? Take a look at these available resources

Two step-by-step guides are available to assist you when completing contracts and pay rate changes.

  1. This pay rate change step-by-step guide describes the process for entering a Pay Rate Change using an ePAR Pay Action.
  2. The working with contracts step-by-step guide contains additional guidelines and details about changing contract pay, changing parameters of a contract and reappointments.

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