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Ensure accurate Social Security Numbers for employees in your department

As the year-end approaches, it’s crucial that HCM users verify their employees’ Social Security Numbers (SSNs) are valid in HCM to ensure proper tax reporting and contribute to your team’s retirement. Entering a new employee’s SSN during the onboarding process is a crucial step in ensuring their taxes and retirement contributions process correctly each payroll. A missing number can result in long-term struggles for both CU and your employee.

What about international employees?

Please first refer to the Social Security Procedural Statement to learn more about International Employees SSNs and Individual Tax ID Numbers (ITINs). Questions not addressed in the statement can be sent to the International Tax Office at

Not only are Social Security Numbers important for identification and background checks, they also ensure an employee’s taxes are accurate, link their compensation with their key tax forms such as the W-2 and 1042-S and enable CU to correctly deposit retirement funds into an employee’s retirement plan. If an SSN is missing or invalid, CU cannot deposit retirement contributions or produce an accurate W-2, resulting in penalties and headaches for the employee and CU.

When onboarding an employee and updating an existing employee’s information, refer to the Social Security Number Procedural Statement to see what is required for each employment type.

As you review your department’s information, encourage your staff to verify their personal information is accurate in the employee portal. This upkeep ensures they will receive the most accurate Form W-2 when they file.

Have questions? Reach out to Employee Services at or talk with your campus HR group.

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