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Encumbrances will not run this weekend, other funding entry issues identified

Issues involving encumbrances and funding entry have been identified. See below for workarounds you can use while these problems are addressed.

Issues affecting all campuses:

  1. The encumbrance job has an issue, and we’re currently developing a fix. The job will not be run this weekend. Encumbrances were last calculated on July 31, 2017.
  2. Some funding entries are being held at approved status and do not update the department budget table. Temporary workaround: If your funding entries do not update to completed status, enter an additional funding entry for the position. This second row usually processes successfully. 

UCCS-specific issues:

  1. There is a known issue with UCCS funding entries when funding is distributed to more than one speedtype. Certain speedtypes cause a “data being added conflicts with existing data” message. Temporary workaround: If you need to create new positions, enter the funding on a single speedtype and enter an additional funding entry row with the correct distribution once the fix has been applied.

Get help

If you are experiencing additional problems with funding entry, please report them to the HCM Call Center at 303-860-4200, option 2, or

Thank you for your patience while these issues are resolved.

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