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Encourage your out-of-state employees to review mailing addresses, pay advice and withholdings

To make sure taxes withheld from out-of-state employees are accurate, the University of Colorado withholds state taxes from the state in which they perform their work based on their mailing addresses in the employee portal.

Note: Most states require employees to fill out a state W-4 for the state in which they work. This is in addition to the federal W-4. Additional information and instructions can be found on the Employee Services’ website.

Remind your employees to review and update their information

If the state in an employee’s mailing address has changed and they have not updated their W-4 tax withholdings, their tax withholding deductions will default to their state’s minimum requirements, which could result in more taxes being withheld from their paycheck.

If you have employees who live outside of Colorado, please remind them to review their pay advice and withholdings in the employee portal and update their addresses. This will help prevent lost or delayed checks and ensure taxes withheld are accurate.


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