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Eliminate confusion on Weight Watchers charges

Employees who participate in Be Colorado’s Weight Watchers at Work program may notice some strange billing patterns from the program, but they can rest assured they’re not being erroneously charged.

Be Colorado offers the program at a discounted rate, with a taxable subsidy, to primary members of any CU Health Plan. (Monthly participants pay $17.18, and Web-only users pay $7.58.) Participants are responsible for paying the taxes on these subsidies, which will appear on their pay advices as taxable imputed income. The amount they pay is based on their withholding selections on their W-4 Form, and whether they are subject to FICA and/or Medicare tax withholdings.

Because Weight Watchers’ billing cycles don’t always sync with CU’s payroll processing, participants may see two charges on one month’s pay advice and no charges on another. Employees will never, however, be overcharged for their membership.

If you or your participating employees have any questions about these charges, please contact the payroll counselors in Employee Services at 303-860-4200, option 2.


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