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Elevate HCM Work Stream Update for January 2017

Over the past month, Elevate work stream teams have made progress to establish and finalize design requirements for the 2017 systems redesign and development.

HR/GL Update

Last month:

  • For the PET Entry Page and the new Funding Entry Page (which replaces the SmartERP Funding Entry ePAR form), developers completed requirements gathering, designed mockups for campus users and made changes based on their feedback. Preliminary functional design and technical specifications were written and reviewed with UIS in late December.
  • Prototyping began on the PET Entry Page.
  • Three queries to reconcile HCM to FIN have been drafted. Results are being reviewed to determine next steps.
  • Encumbrances were refined and testing is being conducted before fixes are rolled into production. This work should remedy the final miscalculation reported by users.
  • Cleanup continues on PETs as they are reported. A major issue with blank Speedtypes and PET IDs not feeding to FIN has been identified and is in the process of being fixed.

This month:

  • Fit/Gap will be completed in late January.
  • Work will continue on PET Entry Page prototype, to enable campus users to see a demo as soon as possible.
  • Examination of current PET processing will continue and we will continue to address any major issues via Cherwell tickets.
  • Developers will work to refine the logic for HCM to FIN reconciliation queries and begin designing a solution to resolve variances.
  • Developers will write system integration and user acceptance test scenarios for PETs/Funding Entry and HCM to FIN reconciliation.

See the HR/GL issues list.

HCM Updates

The HCM Systems Team is currently conducting Fit/Gap analysis, based on information collected during the HCM Design Workshops held from October through December.

During these sessions, the following HCM processes were reviewed and received campus sign-off.

  • HCM.01 – Establish Position
  • HCM.02 – Modify Position
  • HCM.03 – Non-Person Profile (NPP)
  • HCM.04 – Hire/Rehire
  • HCM.05 - Person of Interest (POI)
  • HCM.06 – Contract Pay
  • HCM.07 – Recurring and One-Time Payment
  • HCM.08 – Job Data Changes/Transfers
  • HCM.09 – Leaves
  • HCM.10 – Termination
  • HCM.11 – Action/Reason

In January, Fit/Gap sessions will be held with campus leads to discuss findings with campus stakeholders to finalize solution options. This information will assist in determining final development plans for HCM during Elevate 2.0.

See the HCM issues list.


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