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Elevate HCM, HR/GL update for March

HR/GL Update

A redesigned Payroll Expense Transfer (PET) page and a new Funding Entry page are tentatively scheduled to debut on April 20.

The redesigned PET page will improve the user experience by consolidating all data entry tasks to one page and displaying Job Data for better information validation.

The new Funding Entry page, which will replace the Funding Change ePAR form, will be used to establish how a position is funded and how an employee is paid. This single page will allow users to add position funding sources as a dollar figure or a percentage and add new rows for each fiscal year. The page’s tabs will allow users to see deductions and taxes related to a position.

Campus testers have been conducting User Acceptance Testing for the past two weeks, and it is nearly complete.

Training will include two webinars on April 6, on-campus structured labs the weeks of April 10 and April 17 and open labs the week of April 24. Additional biweekly webinars that feature tips, support and opportunities to ask questions will begin May 1.  HCM users will be given access to a training environment and updated guides to practice using PETs and the Funding Entry Page without affecting data, as well as campus training sessions/labs and an HCM support line for questions.

See the HR/GL issues list.


HCM Update

New HCM development and features are set to debut over the course of this spring and summer. This is a culmination of the work that occurred during the campus fit/gap session and design work between campus stakeholders and module team participants.

As new features are implemented, they will be released in waves. Each wave will include changes to business processes and the end user experience. By releasing the changes in waves, it will help to minimize impact to change management and allow users to adopt, train and master changes gradually.

The releases include:

  • Wave 1: Job changes to the contract hire process
  • Wave 2: Fluid user experience implementation and laying the foundation for future waves
  • Wave 3: HCM delivered workflow tools, new hire/rehire process, position management, transfers, mid-contact terminations and other high-priority business processes
  • Wave 4: Job changes affecting position, terminations, leaves, one-time pay through CU Time and a custom non-person profile

With each release, module teams consisting of subject matter experts, developers and campus representatives will participate in the design, user experience and testing sign-offs for each release.

Training will include updated guides, webinars and campus training in the lead-up to and following each release. Please read the HCM Community Blog and biweekly newsletter for the latest updates on upcoming system changes, training and other resources.

See the HCM issues list.

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