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Elevate HCM, HR/GL update for February

Over the past month, Elevate work-stream teams finalized requirements gathering and began design for the HCM and HR/GL systems.

HCM Update

The HCM Systems Team recently completed fit/gap sessions with campus stakeholders. During these sessions, requirements and fit/gap design options for the following HCM business processes were reviewed.

  • HCM.01 – Establish Position
  • HCM.02 – Modify Position
  • HCM.03 – Non-Person Profile (NPP)
  • HCM.04 – Hire/Rehire
  • HCM.05 - Person of Interest (POI)
  • HCM.06 – Contract Pay
  • HCM.07 – Recurring and One-Time Payment­­
  • HCM.08 – Job Data Changes/Transfers
  • HCM.09 – Leaves
  • HCM.10 – Termination
  • HCM.11 – Action/Reason

Proposed solutions were presented with the goal of addressing high-priority unstable issues and immediate pain points.  The proposal to deploy solutions in a multi-release or “wave” approach for the Stabilization Phase through July 31, 2017, was approved by stakeholders and leadership.

The HCM Systems Team will be working with campuses to establish module teams across different functional areas.  Module teams will consist of campus participants and will be led by the application manager/leads, CU employees and consultants.

The working groups are planning Elevate Town Halls to outline project timelines, development scope and what changes will mean for end-users. Dates and times will be announced soon in the HCM Community Blog and Newsletter.

See the HCM issues list.

HR/GL Update

Last month:

  • Fit/gap sessions were completed in January.
  • Work continued on the PET and Funding Entry pages.
  • The Funding Entry and PET page prototypes were demoed to the HR/GL working group.
  • An HCM and HR/GL session was held to discuss cross-functional topics, such as the fiscal year-end rollover process, the future state of maintaining positions and funding for those positions as part of upcoming Elevate stabilization. Support continued for cancelled PET issues and other production-related support.

This month:

  • Testing will begin for the new PET and Funding Entry pages.
  • Work continues to refine the logic for HCM to FIN reconciliation queries and to begin designing a solution to resolve variances.
  • Examination of current PET processing will continue and we will continue to address any major issues that arise via Cherwell tickets.

See the HR/GL issues list.



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