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Elevate HCM, HR/GL update for April

Elevate Wave 1 focuses on contract pay

The first set of changes to HCM, or Wave 1, center on contract pay and are tentatively scheduled for a May 4 release. In this wave, users can expect to see the following changes to contract pay:

  1. Contract Begin and End Dates now can be updated to be before Payment Begin and End Dates.
  2. Contract Eff Date and School Schedule are new fields found in the Contract Information section of ePAR transactions.
  3. Unpaid breaks have been configured into school schedules.
  4. Contract proration options may be utilized.

The options for contract proration also have been expanded. Please see our recent blog for full details.

Register for a May 3 webinar outlining changes. Structured labs will be held on all campuses, except CU Anschutz, one week after go-live. More information on training opportunities will be available in upcoming HCM Community blogs and newsletters.

New PET and Funding Entry pages debut

A redesigned Payroll Expense Transfer (PET) page and new Funding Entry page were implemented to HCM the evening of April 20.

If you have not attended the recent webinars or structured labs, opportunities to learn more about these changes are still available:

Need assistance?

Get personalized support by registering for a slot in an Open Lab on your campus the week of April 24-28. You can also call the HCM call center at 303-860-4200, ext. 2 or email



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