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Don’t let leave get swept away

You have until Monday, June 30, to help your employees use, donate or schedule vacation or sick leave that has exceeded—or will likely exceed—CU's maximum annual leave allowance.

Employee Services will send department managers the last of several leave reports, which list those employees who have neared, accrued or exceeded the maximum amount of vacation. Employees who don’t schedule, use or donate their leave before June 30 will forfeit any hours that exceed the maximum. For sick leave;

  • University staff employees will maintain all sick leave as there is no maximum for this group.
  • Classified staff who have accrued sick time above the maximum allowance will have those excess hours converted to vacation hours, using a 5-to-1 ratio (e.g., 5 sick hours = 1 vacation hour).

See details about vacation and sick leave on the Employee Services website.


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