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Do you have employees whose appointments ended May 31? Avoid overpayments by completing a termination ePAR transaction

If you have employees whose appointment end dates have passed, the term must be entered in HCM through a termination ePAR transaction, as appointment end dates do not auto-term in HCM. Instructions on how to do this can be found in this step-by-step guide.

Two essential queries for Group Terminations include:

  • CUES_HCM_END_APPOINT_CONTRACT – End of Appointment/Contract: This query identifies records that should be terminated.
  • CUES_PAY_GROUP_TERMINATION – Group Termination Query: This identifies records with future actions that will cause the transaction to error. 

Note: If an employee in a group termination errors due to a dates issue, the entire group transaction will error and none of the group will be termed. Run the Group Termination Query to determine which records should not be included in a group termination. Please contact your campus HR regarding the termination for individuals who have an effective row following the date of termination.

Queries will run when the title is entered directly into Query Manager. Currently, queries do not run from the HCM Work Center.

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