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Did a new employee move for the job? We have resources for you.

Did you know that CU covers some moving expenses for new employees?

If you have a new employee that qualifies for the moving expenses benefit, it is important to remember a few details:

  1. Make sure to fill out the proper paperwork. The most recent moving expense worksheet can be found on our website:
  2. CU may only cover certain expenses, click here for a list of eligible expenses.
  3. Make sure to remind the employee to collect and turn in all receipts for reimbursement in a timely manner. Receipts for non-taxable expenses that are turned in after 60 days become taxable per the IRS. Date the receipts as they are given to you.
  4. Remind employees that expenses not covered by CU may be tax deductible. Click here to learn about moving expense tax deductions.

Questions? Let us know, and we can help.

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