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Dec. 22, Jan. 5 and Jan. 26 off-cycle payrolls canceled

Off-cycle payrolls canceled during the following weeks:

  • The week of Dec. 18 (with a pay date of Dec. 22) has been canceled due to monthly payroll processing. 
  • The week of Jan. 1 (with a pay date of Jan. 5) has been canceled to process year-end payroll adjustments.
  • The week of Jan. 22 (with a pay date of Jan. 26) has been canceled due to monthly payroll processing.

Note: The Dec. 18 cancelation will delay a reissuing of funds that are returned to Payroll due to bad bank accounts or routing numbers. If bank account information has been updated, returned funds will be reissued on Dec. 29.
To avoid a delay in receiving payment, employees should verify their bank account and routing information. This information must include only numbers. Spaces, special characters or letters will result in the funds being returned to Payroll.

Please plan accordingly to avoid inconvenience or delays in pay during these weeks.

As indicated on the payroll production calendar, all monthly and biweekly payroll deadlines remain unchanged.

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