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CU Time uploads: What to do when you get a Success/Not Posted status

When uploading files to CU Time, users have reported encountering a Success/Not Posted status. 

If this happens to you: 

  1. Email a screenshot of the Process Monitor to This will help us research the issue. 
  2. Don't retry the upload. Success means the file uploaded, so retrying only duplicates entries. 
  3. You cannot review files listed under Not Posted. Instead, navigate to Navigate to Main Menu> CU Time> CU Mass Approve Reported Time and pull up the batch using your Batch Run ID. If you find the data are correct, you may approve the file. 
  4. If you are unsure of what loaded or what's missing, select all entries and deny the batch. Then, reload the whole batch. To be sure you don't pick up duplicate entries, use a new, unique batch run ID—do not reuse the first one. 

We are researching this issue and will provide a expected resolution date once we have more information. 


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