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CU grants pre-employment access to employee portal to pre-hires, POI

Save time for your new hires and CU persons of interest (POI): Give them access to the employee portal before their first day of work.

Now, you can send CU pre-hires and POI login credentials for the employee portal at before they officially begin working, allowing them to enter personal contact information. University Information Systems will grant access to pre-hires and POIs scheduled to work in the System Administration building. Pre-hires may also create their employee profiles, and set up payment options such as direct deposit and W-4 tax elections.

To ensure your pre-hires and POI can gain access to the employee portal, please note the following:

  • Each campus's information technology group—not CU Employee Services—grants access to its campus portal. The time frame for when each campus or the CU System Administration building grants this access varies. 
  • You must enter a job data row in the HRMS to provide pre-hires access to complete their direct deposit and W-4 information.

Questions? Contact your IT office:


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