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CU Careers improves university recruiting functions

The process of getting to "you're hired" will take less time, once CU Careers debuts late 2015.

CU Careers will streamline the work recruiters do to post jobs. It will allow hiring managers to track applicants, and evaluate and process candidate submissions. The end result will provide an improved, more efficient hiring process for recruiters and candidates. Plus, applicants using CU Careers will experience a more user-friendly application process.

Powered by Oracle’s Taleo software, CU Careers will replace Jobs at CU, the university’s current recruiting system.

Let’s look at the top 10 ways CU Careers will improve the recruiting and application experience.

#1: Integration with CU’s Human Capital Management (HCM) system

By creating a near-real-time feed into CU Careers from HCM, CU’s upgraded human resources system, recruiters and hiring managers will spend less time writing and editing job descriptions. For example, once a position is approved in the HCM system, it will transfer specific data about that job (such as competencies and qualifications) into CU Careers for immediate use in job postings. Today, recruiters must enter data in two different places. This simplified approach will save recruiters time by allowing them to focus their energies on job applicants and the needs of CU.

This feed will make it easier to finalize job postings, select a search committee and external reviewers, determine required application materials, and enter posting dates and pre-screening questions. When the recruiter finalizes these components, the job posting will be available to applicants.

#2: Welcome Dashboard

When recruiters log in to CU Careers via the portal, the first thing they will see is the Welcome Dashboard. This real-time dashboard quickly displays all major recruiting functions and duties.

CU Careers has a very friendly user interface; because everything is quick-linked, recruiters can get information where they want it, when they want it.

#3: Attachment Preview

As part of the application review, the attachment preview feature allows recruiters and hiring managers to easily view documents such as cover letters, resumes and references without having to open or download them.  This feature will result in a faster, recruitment process.

#4: Campus-specific Templates

CU Careers provides a more personalized candidate experience through customized email templates.  Recruiters can choose from a variety of campus-specific templates that can be customized to campus and department needs. Best of all: These templates pull data from candidate profiles to make sending email correspondence faster and easier.

#5: Interview Scheduling

The system will integrate with Microsoft Outlook, CU’s email provider, and can be used to schedule interviews with candidates and invite search committee members.

#6: Background Check Integration             

Candidate background checks will be initiated and processed through HireRight, through an integration with CU Careers. The background check completion dates will feed into HCM.

#7: E-Offers

E-Offer functionality allows managers to create an electronic offer letter in CU Careers and send it to its required approvers. Once a candidate accepts a position, E-Offer collects his/her e-signature upon offer acceptance.

#8: Simplified Candidate-Selection Workflow

A new structured workflow will help to simplify the selection process for applicants, candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

#9: Reporting and Dashboards

New reports and dashboards will provide helpful candidate sourcing and time-to-fill statistics for hiring managers and recruiters.

#10: Improved Candidate Experience

CU Careers will give applicants a quick view of where they are in the application process, as well as provide a quick link back to the posting to review required documents. Applicants also will have the ability to update their submissions until postings are closed.

Learn more about CU Careers

During this summer’s HCM Training sessions, Employee Services will present workshops on CU Careers, from Aug. 5-18 on all CU campuses and the system office. Register today at


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