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Creating positions from the Position page? Ensure you are following these steps

Creating new positions from the Position Information page? Remember, this is a multi-step process and all steps must be completed to create a position successfully.

Please reference the Creating a Position with Funding and Funding Entry guides for comprehensive directions.

The items below outline some common areas where users have missed steps that affected their ability to complete positions. We wanted to highlight these for users to aid in successful completion of these processes.

Step 1: Completely fill out the needed information on every tab of the Add/Update Position Info page (Description, Specific Information, Budget and Incumbents, CU Position Data). You will be automatically directed to the Funding Entry page after clicking the Save button on the bottom of the screen. 

After Save is clicked, the system displays Saving in the top right corner of the page and then displays the CU Funding Entry page with the position number and effective date populated from your saved position.

Step 2: Enter the funding information for the position you created. Be sure to complete your work on this page by selecting the Save/Submit button at the bottom of the page. HCM will save the funding entry and return you to the Position Information page where a corresponding HRGL Request number will populate in the CU Position Data tab:

Step 3: Click the Submit button the position for approval.

Step 4: Check your funding. Once the position is approved, the HRGL Request number status will change from Approved to Completed. Confirm the funding posted to the position on the CU Position Funding History page by following this path:

Main Menu > CU PETs and Funding > CU Position Funding History.

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