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Create Non-Person Profiles like a pro with new resources

As you may remember from HCM Campus Workshops, Non-Person Profiles will play a big role in your future workflow. We've published new resources to help you build them! 

Thanks to better integration, HCM sends Non-Person Profiles data (job competencies, duty statements and minimum qualifications) to populate CU Careers requisitions. Upon selecting a candidate, CU Careers sends employee information, such as their name and address, back to HCM to complete the hiring process. 

This flow of information depends on accurate, thorough Non-Person profiles. Under the Create/Modify a Position section of the HCM Community website, you'll find step-by-step guides for creating Classified Staff, University Staff, Faculty and Student/Temporary positions as well as new resources for building Non-Person Profiles.

Toward the bottom of the page, you'll find lists of Job Competency codes, minimum qualifications and duties, and a Competency Reference Guide that breaks down job family naming configurations and adding information to Non-Person Profiles.

We'll flesh out this section as more guides become available. Think something should be added to the site? Fill out this form

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