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Contract renewals: Don't forget faculty members on leave

This academic year may look a little more normal compared to last school year. This includes the annual fall contract renewal process. With many faculty members on leave during the summer, ensure these employees are included in this crucial process to be paid correctly and on time.

Keep these deadlines on hand as the fall semester approaches:

07/16/21 - Last day for faculty to change their elections.

07/19/21 - Employee Services will send Human Resources departments a list of faculty who are set to be renewed. HR departments will send individual departments their lists to be checked for accuracy.

07/19/21 – List of faculty currently on leave with no return date will be sent to departments. Any faculty who need to be renewed must be returned from leave by the first day of the new academic year.

07/26/21 – Last day for HR departments to send any renewal list revisions to Employee Services.

08/02/21 – Employee Services will run the Contract Renewal Process.

08/04/21 – Employee Services will send to HR departments the list of all faculty who have been renewed. The list will be sorted by department ID, and HR will send the renewal list to individual departments.

If you’d like a refresher, check out the Working With Contracts Guide.

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