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Contract pay transaction form hidden temporarily

Starting Monday, we’re hiding the ePAR Contract Pay transaction page as we prepare for fall hires and reappointments. 

The ePAR Contract Pay transaction page will be hidden temporarily until we are ready for you to enter faculty election changes towards the end of August. Beginning in August, Employee Services will renew existing contracts and upload any contract amount changes into HCM. Once we finish these steps, we will re-enable the ePAR Contract Pay transaction page so you may enter faculty election changes.

Although the Contract Pay transaction page is designed to change faculty elections only (9/9 to 9/12 payment plan or vice versa), many users have used the page incorrectly by entering pay rate and other contract parameter changes. To avoid confusion, we plan to rename the form.

We understand fall contracts are an urgent issue. By the end of this month, we will publish guides and other resources to help your department manage fall contracts. 

Summer contracts changes

Employee Services will continue monitoring and making any necessary updates for outstanding changes to summer contracts. Please email with the contract change(s), ePAR number, employee identification number and employee record number using one of the following subject lines:

  • For early terminations: Early Contract Termination
  • For general contract changes: Faculty Contract Change

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