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Connect employees to financial benefits of working at CU

Employee Services’ Fall Financial Expos may have ended, but you can help keep the financial benefits of being a CU employee front and center.

Hundreds of employees attended Expos on each campus to speak to financial professionals, learn how to transition into impending retirement and take control of their debts. To help employees take the next steps on their paths to financial well-being, CU offers several benefits to its employees, which you can help promote:

  1. One-on-One Financial Consultations—Let your employees know that they’re welcome to meet with a financial professional from one of CU’s retirement investment sponsors whenever they’re on campus. They can discuss anything from retirement to money management. Simply visit for a list of all upcoming visits.
  2. Financial Seminars by Request—You as a business partner can request that representatives from CU’s retirement investment sponsors come to your office to present a seminar on the topic of your choosing. Just ask your team which topics most interest them, and fill out the online request form to bring the right presenter to your campus.

What can employees gain from these programs?

  • Get guidance on how and when to begin saving and investing, or simply discuss the financial stressors in your life.
  • Learn your options—from how to roll over retirement savings from previous employers to which types of plans and investments are best for you.
  • Nearing retirement? Get regular access to your retirement plan representatives at the crucial final phases of getting your CU and other retirement accounts in order.
  • See how you’re doing. Whether attending a seminar or speaking face-to-face with a financial professional, you can gather information to gauge your financial situation.

Check out the Financial Wellness website for more resources to pass along to your employees.

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