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Community Hacks: A CSV solution for Mac users

Dana Kelly, an office manager at CU-Boulder’s Environmental Center and a Mac user, discovered a solution to CSV files loading as blank files. She wanted to share her discovery with her fellow HCM users.

She writes: “When loading my CSV files to the CU Regular Earnings load, they have been loading as empty files with nothing on the lines. I (was) starting thinking that maybe this is a problem because I work on a Mac. Sure enough, when I tried again to save my excel file to CSV, instead of selecting the regular CSV file, I looked for an alternative in the drop-down box. Way down the list, I found “Windows Comma Separated csv” format. When I re-saved my excel file as a Windows Comma Separated file and loaded the file into HCM in this new format, it worked!”

Thanks, Dana! If you’ve found a solution to an HCM or CU Careers problem, email and we’ll share it with the HCM Community.

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