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Changes coming to PET, Funding Entry pages

A redesigned Payroll Expense Transfer (PET) page and a new Funding Entry page are scheduled to debut April 20.

The revamped PET page will improve user experience by combining all data entry tasks into one page and displaying Job Data. The new Funding Entry page, which will replace the ePAR Dept Budget, will be used to establish how a position is funded and how an employee is paid. This single page will allow users to add position funding sources as a dollar figure or percentage and add new rows for each fiscal year. In addition, the page’s tabs will allow users to see deductions and taxes related to a position.

Funding Entry changes to expect 

A single page for creating Funding Entry.
Job and position data displayed on the page.

A funding and PET history grid.
Required project and funding end dates.

PET changes to expect

Updated search criteria.
The ability to redistribute full paychecks and portions of paychecks.
Paycheck detail and job/position data are included on the PET page.
A comparison of current and new distributions.
An earnings code summary.

A PET summary report.
The capability to copy funding to multiple paychecks and revise paychecks individually.
The ability to apply funding to future pay periods and prorate single checks by the effective date.
A streamlined workflow.


Be prepared: Upcoming training

To help you prepare for these changes, please visit the Elevate Training page for full training schedule, which includes test environments, new step-by-step guides, webinars and in-person campus labs.

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