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Avoid new hire delays by taking the following steps

Employee Services has heard reports of the ePAR Hire form failing to submit. After some examination, we’ve determined that the following data omissions will cause the form to error out. If you are entering new hires or rehires into HCM or any time you need to change funding, please remember to take these precautions.

Enter email, phone numbers and select "preferred"

  • As you enter in data on these hires, please remember to include the new hire's personal email and mark it as preferred. (Once a hire is approved, his or her email will automatically default to campus email.)
  • The same thing is true if you exclude a new hire’s phone number and fail to mark it has preferred.

Funding data entry omission causing errors

When you are entering or updating funding, you have two scenarios: One where you have current funding and another where you are entering new funding.

  • If you want to keep your current funding, please click the “New Funding Same as Current Funding” radial button.
  • If you are entering or updating funding, choose either the “AMT” (for amount) or “PCT” (for percentage) radial button. If you choose PCT, be sure all of your percentage field(s) equal 100 percent.

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