The deadline for off-cycle entries is now 5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 23.
International employees must meet with a CU international tax specialist. Appointments fill fast, so encourage international employees to book today.
When Wave Three debuts, here’s how to find CU Time. In the coming weeks, a CU Time tile will be added to the HCM Community User dashboard.
Leave sweeps reports were sent to campus Human Resources departments for review.
If you have questions about newly created positions that cross the fiscal year, or how to prevent expired funding from going into suspense, we have two tips for you.
No transactions need to be approved before Wave 3’s implementation. See how transactions will be handled as new approval chains are implemented.
You have an additional month to certify leave. Here’s what to do, along with tips and tricks if you're having trouble.
As we begin the new fiscal year, it's time to certify employees' vacation and sick time. Leave certification will be available in the portal beginning July 3, 2017. The deadline for certification and approval is July 31, 2017.
Don’t forget: The June monthly payday falls on Monday, July 3, which means now’s a great time to remind monthly paid employees that they’ll be receiving their money a bit later than normal.