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Ask employees to update phone numbers in the portal

Beginning this summer, University of Colorado employees will need a password and a phone number to access and update sensitive personal information in the portal. If they fail to do this, they will not be able to access or update information, and they will have to ask their department's payroll liaison for assistance.

To cut down on requests for your time, please ask employees in your department to update their information in the portal.

To ensure phone numbers are updated, CU has created an alert that will pop up when employees log into the portal. It will ask them to review, update and confirm their information. Once this is complete, the alert will disappear.

An added security feature, called multi-factor authentication, will be implemented to place another layer of security between your personal information and potential unauthorized access. It takes two factors—"something you know" (your password) and "something you have" (your phone number)—to access and/or change direct deposit, W-2 and other information.

This security feature's success and usefulness hinges on you to keeping up-to-date phone numbers in the portal.

Check the portal security upgrade Web page for details.

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