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Ask employees to review W-4s on CU Resources

Employee Services asks that employees review your W-4 to determine if their filing status and/or number of withholding allowances will need to change for the new tax year. 

The IRS requires employers to remind their employees annually to review and make any necessary changes to their W-4 (Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate). If you are an international employee, please see the note below.

How to review and/or change your W-4

  1.  Review the current W-4 tax status in the tax data box on the pay advice or payroll warrant. Access pay advice through the CU Resources page on your campus portal (select the Pay Advice link under the Payroll and Compensation menu).
  2.  Make any desired changes to W-4 tax status. Either update this information online through the CU Resources page on the campus portal (select the W-4 link under the Payroll and Compensation menu), or submit an original W-4 form to Employee Services. Note: The paper version of the 2014 W-4 will be posted to the Employee Services Forms page as soon as it is released by the IRS (in late December).

Additional Resources
The following IRS resources will help you determine whether you need to update your W-4 tax information.

International Employees

Do not submit a W-4 for 2013. International non-resident employees may only make W-4 changes under the supervision of  an international tax specialist. Contact an international tax specialist at one of the email addresses below if you believe your status has changed.

Individuals with a last name in the A-L range should contact Kendra Zafiratos ( and those with last name in the M-Z range should contact Alicia Dandeneau (

If you have additional questions about your W-4 withholding, call the Employee Services payroll line at (303) 860-4200, ext. 2, or send an email to


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