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Are you ready for the upgrade?

We’re only weeks away from Elevate go-live, and Employee Services wants you to be prepared for the change. That’s why we’ve created get ready guides that walk you through important steps and deadlines.

When you go to the Elevate webpage, you’ll see a new tab called Get Ready.  There, you’ll find a Get Ready guide tailored to your role. Whether you’re a FIN user or HCM Community member – or know a faculty/staff member who wants to stay updated – you’ll see a step-by-step checklist that helps you keep track of important tasks and deadlines.

We are also looking for your feedback. These guides may change and expand to as we get closer to the go-live date. Let us know if you think something should be added to the list.  To receive updates in your inbox, subscribe to our HCM Community Blog. We’ll send you the latest information as soon as it becomes available.


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