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Annual leave sweeps completed. Here’s what to do next

Annual leave sweeps completed last night. This process adjusts sick and vacation balances for employees who have exceeded the maximum allowable accrual for the year. 

Reports that detail excess hours removed were sent to each campus Human Resources department. If there is an issue with employees in your department, your HR department will contact you.

Following each payroll, it is recommended that you run the Leave Sweep query, which will identify only employees who have exceeded the maximum amount of sick and vacation hours based on the maximum accrual date listed for the employee in CU Leave Accrual summary.

You can access the query here: Main Menu> CU HCM User WorkCenter> Resources> Query Manager> CUES_HCM_LEAVE_SWEEP Details on each field can be found here.

Have questions?

Please contact payroll at 303-860-4200, option 2, or send an email to


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